What Color Panties am I Wearing? (Hitman Review)

When is a free movie not a free movie? When your soul is ripped from your body while you watch it. I'm trying to think of ways to review this movie and not be an asinine jerk while doing it...

Nope can't do it.

Folks, tonight i watched a film so terribly written, directed, and filmed that i walk out on it. Mind you I was watching it for free, so this means i was watching a movie that i didn't have to pay for and i still couldn't watch the whole thing. I can only make fun of a movie for so long, and apparently 1 hour and 10 mins was the mark for me. i will give you a no-prize if you could sit all the way through that turdwrangler.

I think i'll for go the details of why this movie was teh suck, if only because i know that a majority of people (all the giggling idiots sitting behind me in the theater) are going to think that Hitman was a awesome piece of film that they would gladly pay to see again. those people are idiots. don't see it. don't trust anyone who says they liked it. if you don't agree tell me why you think it was good. even if your wrong.

- bill the butcher.

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